How to choose a charter boat? Key questions

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Surely you have come to our website looking for a specific experience, so today we answer your questions to find the best rental boat for your needs, like Marinemax Houston. Let’s find the best option for you and your trip!

Which charter boat is best?

Like everything in life, the first thing you must answer when you rent a boat is what you want it for, that is, the purpose. Some of the ones that people ask for the most are:

  • To enjoy a day with friends in the open sea, an excursion to enjoy the sun and a relaxing bath away from the coast and the crowded beaches
  • Stag and hen parties, enjoying a party on board of the most special and different
  • Learn to sail: we offer sailing classes, from beginners to the most advanced levels, to become a professional sailor
  • Romantic experience with your partner: surprising your partner with an experience on board is one of the most demanded by our customers, it always succeeds!
  • Teambuilding and events: we also take care of preparing group experiences for companies, friends… that will make the bonds between them closer

Once we know why we want to rent our boat, we will have to find another of the main factors… The size according to the number of people we will be, of course! Basically how many people will occupy the boat will define both the length and capacity of the vessel. 

And of course, the length (length of the boat) will also define the type of license you will need to steer it.

Some of Marinemax Houston’ s boats are available to be rented without a license; they are the smaller ones, sailboats without engine and simple mechanisms. 

On the other hand, the more people we are and the bigger the boat we need, maybe we will need a license (depending on the length it will be defined if the basic sailing license is enough, or higher permits as Basic Sailing Skipper).

On the other hand, find a team of expert skippers and crew that will accompany you at all times in case you do not want or can not steer your boat, thus making your adventure as comfortable as possible.

Rent your perfect boat 

Whatever your needs are, you are sure to find your ideal boat at Marinemax Houston. Browse through our extensive catalog or call us to ask prices and features of the boats we have available for rent by the hour, day or even week. 

We have boats leaving from Barcelona, Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca or the Costa Brava; we are sure we have something that fits you!

If you were waiting for a signal to decide to rent a boat for that special experience with your partner or friends, to spend a day at sea, to learn to sail or for any other reason you can think of… This is it. Contact us and let us advise you to choose your ideal boat.